Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Support Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is one of the largest autism organizations out there. Anytime you search autism in your search engines, you’re guaranteed to see something from Autism Speaks pop up too.

The autistic community doesn’t like Autism Speaks because we consider it a hate group. Let me explain why…..

They had a commercial years ago and it made it seem like autism is a scary thing and that your life is over if you have an autistic child. There was nothing positive about it. If you want to watch that commercial, here’s the link.

The way Autism Speaks spread awareness is by using fear tactics. Also, less than 4% of the donations they receive actually goes to autistic families. The rest goes toward lobbying, advertising and research on finding cures for autism and prenatal testing similar to Down syndrome to prevent autistic children from being born. It’s disgusting!

Autism is not a disease that needs to be cured. It’s literally the way our brains were wired. You can’t separate autism from the person.

They say things like “autism epidemic “ as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not that there’s a sudden rise. The fact is, because we know a lot more about autism now than before, it’s now easier to detect and get a diagnosis for. Things changed for the better for the autistic community and they want to call it an epidemic. This “epidemic” will literally drop suicide rates within the autistic community because it’s a huge relief finally knowing why you have struggled all your life. It’s so hard living life undiagnosed or with very limited information about the make up of your entire brain. But now they want to push for cures and that’s very ableist. How do we embrace and love ourselves when the world is hating our existence just because we’re different? Make it make sense….

And if you really want to see an ugly video that was sponsored by Autism Speaks, here’s another one for you.

One mother clearly states she wanted to drive off the George Washington Bridge with her autistic daughter but that the only reason she didn’t was because of her other child. It’s really sad and makes me so sick to my stomach.

If you really want to help autistic people, don’t donate to Autism Speaks. You’re better off finding an actually autistic person and donating to them personally. It’ll make a much bigger difference. Autism Speaks does not speak for autistic people. They speak against us!