Welcome to my Autism Blog!!!!

Picture of me wearing a leopard print dress for my birthday celebration

My name is Jessica Jenkins and I was born July 29th, 1996 in Yonkers, NY. I’m autistic and in between my autistic life, I juggle several different things; fashion designing and art, handmade jewelry, author & writer, blogger, and a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I have my own business that revolves around my special interests and talents. My hands are full all the time but I really wanted to invite you all into my world. I want to share with you how I see the world through my autistic eyes.

With the information I give to you, my main goal is to make a difference and hopefully see more acceptance. All my life, people made me feel like I’m such a burden and that my autism is a tragedy. People want to eradicate autistic people and find cures instead of just simply accepting us and accommodating our support needs. I’ve had to mask my autistic traits most of my life to protect myself from abuse and bullies. All these things will be talked about in my blog posts. I hope to keep everyone engaged in here and I hope you all love reading about my journey. I also hope you learn something from me and my personal experiences.


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If you want to support me and my goals with trying to spread autism awareness, feel free to make a donation. The money will be used to buy materials for me to make weighted blankets to bless a family in need.


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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello , I think you are so talented and a great mom. I have 3 autistic family members , all different on the spectrum. Each one is so unique, and I hope when they are old enough they to will have great things happen to them , like you. You inspire people keep it up.


  2. My son has autism,& I always have a hard time shopping for him. I thin you just filled out his Christmas and birthday list! 😁 so happy that I found you! I look forward to reading your blog!


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